Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Machu Picchu - veni, vidi, vici

Oh, right, that´s Ceasar of Rome!

Anyhow, the Inkan architecture, astronomy, engineering, culture and religion seems to have been grand, indeed. Pachamama (mother earth) ruled. And even if the empire only lasted a short while, our guide did say that some people think that they continue to live in the unexplored jungle of Peru stil. Awaiting the return of the last Inka.

Our guide was very good. His telling of  the well-rehearsed 2-hour long story of Machu Picchu felt as fresh as ever. The fog did lift a little by mid-day and we did get some nice pics along with the knowledge :) We´ll add some when we get back to Cusco later on - this connection is too slow :(

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