Friday, November 5, 2010

Back to the future ... Cordillera Blanca trek - flora

We´ve been wanting to post more on our amazing time in Peru and on the Los Cedros trek in the Cordillera Blanca. But La Paz has taken over! Anyhow, here are a few of the amazing flora shots Jan took during the trek. (More to come on the scenery, trekking and camping, too.)

Hope you enjoy the beautiful plant life that exists above 4,000 metres in these tropical latitudes of the Andes! (As always, click pics to view larger)
Yes, this is an orchid. Our guide
said so!
Cactus in bloom.

A large flowering tree.

Never ending variety!
Many of the plants (sometimes the flowers, sometimes the leaves or roots - and often during specific times of the plant´s life) are used for medicinal purposes by the local people. Too bad much of that knowledge is getting lost here, too.

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