South America-Reloaded

We had finally arrived at the beginning. 

I remember in my bones what it felt like to hike to, be in and leave Cochamó Valley, a northern Patagonian paradise we discovered during semana santa, the holy week between Christmas and New Years in 2010. 

The Andes -  the awesome spine of South America running from Venezuela to Patagonia - keep calling. That 3 months long journey keeps stirring in mind, body and soul.

In November 2010 we reached the summit of Huayna Potosí, near La Paz, which stands at 6,088 m (19,975 feet). During that journey we lived above 3,000 meters for 2 months, and spent several weeks above 4,000 m. We trekked 17 days in the Cordillera Blanca in Peru, 12 in the Cordillera Real in Bolivia, and 16 in Patagonia (Torres del Paine and Cochamó).

This beginning has been pleading for a sequel all year, ever more urgently. 

Now, we are concocting plans for 2014-15 or so. Objectives include climbing Aconcagua, the highest peak in the Southern and Western Hemispheres at 6,980 m (22,900 feet). Meanwhile, closer to home, we plan to add to our mountaineering resumes over the next year or two. Because the process itself - and our independence - is ever important.

Update - September 2013
We spent 5 weeks trekking and mountaineering in Bolivia in August/September 2013 to continue building our high mountain resumes, to learn and reinforce mountain skills, to apply learning and to climb. Check out the mountaineering page for details. This is part of the path toward much more mountain time.

Update August 2015
Life's changing rhythms have brought me to the Yukon time and again over the last year. It's quickly become my favoured playground that boasts of true wilderness, Canada's highest mountain ranges, new friends, and plenty of adventures ahead.

Update July 2017
I am looking for mountaineering partner/s to consider an attempt on Aconcagua in late 2018/early 2019. One year seems like enough time to prepare, plan and train. That means some experience at altitude to start with would be best. Message me to talk.


  1. awesome blog.. thanks for sharing... but the Andes start in Venezuela and run down through the length of the continent.... happy travels.

  2. Indeed they do! That means there's even more exploring to do. Obviously. Correction made :) Thank you.