Summer 2016 - Spectrum Range / Mount Edziza
6.5 days traverse (August 1 to 8)
Unique volcanic mountain range in Northern BC.

Summer 2015 - Yukon
ACC - Icefield Discover Camp (May 23 to June 9)
During this ski touring/ski mountaineering camp in Kluane National Park with the St. Elias range as backdrop, Inga managed an ascent of Gnurdelhorn (~3,300 m) (glacier, snow, ice, rock) from the camp located at about 2,600 m. Other objectives included several nunataks, cols and ridges within 5 k from camp.

Donjek Route, Kluane (June 21 to 27)
6.5 days with Max of Terre Boreale.

September 2013 - Bolivia
We spent 4 weeks at altitude, with about 11 nights sleeping over 4,500 m. Acclimatization process worked perfectly for us. Our high points were:
  • Pico Aguila summit (5,500 m /18,045') - mixed (snow, glacier, rock) - first ascent by women and established new route using the summit ridge.
  • Illimani (5,500 m high camp - Jan got to about 5,800 m or 19,000' on summit attempt)
  • Chacaltaya summit (5,400 m /17,700') - ha, but really from the lodge it's merely 200 m elevation to the summit :)
  • Mankilisani summit for Jan at about 5,400 m - Inga got to about 5,000 m due to post-holing in hip-deep snow which didn't bother the much lighter Jan at all: she just cruised on top of it!
  • Patapatani - got to about within 200 m elevation of its 5,400 m summit
In the summer of 2012 we participated in our very first General Mountaineering Camp. The GMC has been organized by the Alpine Club of Canada since 1906. We've joined this tremendous mountain tradition with the 2012 GMC at Mount Sir Sandford in British Columbia, Canada. We achieved four summits:
  • Alpina Dome (2,696  m /8,845') - glacier, snow
  • Citadel Mountain (2,923 m /9,590')  - glacier, snow
  • Silvertip Mountain (2,880 m /9,449') - glacier, mixed snow and rock
  • Azimuth Mountain (2,563 m /8,408') - glacier, mixed snow and rock
In December 2010, Jan added the summit of Arco Iris (1,660 m) in Cochamo Valley, Northern Patagonia (Chile) to her tick list.

In November 2010, we achieved two summits in Bolivia, during a 12-day trek/climb in the Cordillera Real:
  • Pico Austria (~ 5,250 m = ~ 17,225') - rock
  • Huayna Potosi (6,088 m = 19,974') - glacier and rock
As we continue to build our mountaineering resumes, we will add summits to this page.

Other high points achieved in the Andes are:
In October 2010, we trekked in Peru, achieving high passes up to 4,850 m (15,912')

In December 2007, a 5-day trek via Confluencia  (3,300 m /10,827') and Plaza  Francia (4,200 m /13,944') to Plaza de Mulas base camp (4,370 m /14,340') on Aconcagua.

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