Monday, November 29, 2010

The place in between ...

... is called Aguas Calientes.

Yes, we are in that tiny tourist haven where the train from Cuzco to Machu Picchu ends. Haven because it has all a typical tourist could possibly want - really: tons of local, artisan stuff to buy, plenty of hotels and hostels in all price ranges, many restaurants and bars all with people outside welcoming you vigorously to have a drink or reciting the menu highlights (guinea pig anyone?), oh and if you want a massage - there are 6 different ones on offer here, too.

All that to say, it´s not our usual sort of destination on this journey, but it suits our purpose: to visit Machu Picchu and not be rushed into the 5-hour window the day trip allows. As well, there are the thermal hotsprings which lend Aguas Calientes its name. As Jan can attest to, rightfully so.

We´ll meet our guide, Washington, tonight for a briefing about tomorrow´s visit. I am afraid it´ll be another very early morning. But if it is like all the other early mornings, it´ll be worth the wake-up call.

We´ve decided to go directly to Patagonia from this part of our journey. The careful reader will note that we have decided to leave Arequipa/Colca Canyon and the Chilean Atacama desert to our next south american adventure. 3 months is turning out to be kind of short ...


  1. Hola ladies,
    I always wondered why vicuna was so expensive..eating dirt might explain it.
    Thanks for piquing our interest in the things you haven't blogged about. You can now be sure they'll be hot topics when you return.
    How long are you planning to spend at Machu Picchu? I can hardly wait to see your picures.
    So, with all those temptations.. how many masages have you succumb to?
    Jan, did you do the Aguas Calientes? Was it really "hot"?
    About the 3 months turning out to be kind of short heart bleeds. Can you hear the tiny violins?
    Machu Picchu, this armchair traveller awaits you.

  2. We´ll be at Machu Picchu - the ruins - all day tomorrow. Then back to Cusco and the next day off to Valle Sagrado for a day tour. Apparently well worth it :)

    Just for the record, most of these posts are prepped by Jan and I together ... as for Aguas Calientes: indeed they were. Well, actually, there were like 5 baths, cold ones included. All for the best of ones health. Anyhow, Jan ignored those for once.

    We´ll bring you along in our hearts up the mountain to Machu Picchu tomorrow.... Pics to follow.

    Jan and Inga

  3. Buenas dias las chicas !
    I was in Agua Calientes in 2002 and the hot baths were absolutely disgusting. Water was brown and opaque !! Facilities were in bad shape. I understand it is fixed. Will you "climb" the "Wyannah Picchu" (should be a walk in the park for you !)

    Hasta pronto !. Guy