Wednesday, November 3, 2010

La Paz impressions

Thought this was an
interesting way to contrast.
This city is brimming with interesting architecture, contrasting worlds, and getting to grips with new ways of being. It´s also unexpectedly international in terms of culinary options and tourists. Feels modern in many ways, like 2.3 mb at this internet place! And compact: we can walk the depth of downtown in 45 minutes and enjoy the sights and sounds and busyness of it all along the way. (Well, we are well acclimatized.) There are basically two directions here: you walk uphill, or you walk downhill. Downhill always gets you to the ritzier part of town. (Credit: all pics by Jan)

Who´d have thought? La Quebecoise
in La Paz!

Random llama art on wall.
Huge variety in styles on
display along the main street,
which changes names like
10 times!
There´s a big campaign on
against discrimination. There´s
even a law against racism on
the books now. President
Morales is having an impact.
Street view with Illimani towering
 over the city with  its 6,439 m.

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