Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saludos Guy! And more Lago Titicaca

This is your photoshoot, Guy! Thought of you while visiting Lago Titicaca and Copacabana on Thursday.

Miguel, Jan, Esther and Inga on the beach at 3,850 m

The 3 hour-drive from La Paz was well worth it. The vistas along the way were breathtaking. And check out the amazing blues of the lake and the sky! We feel fortunate to share Esther´s journey home with her.

And a few more impressions from Copacabana, too!

Inkan balsa-boat called a totora. Well a remake, no doubt -
it has a small outboard engine - still cool to see.

View of Lago Titicaca from the road to Copacabana.

Inka warrior welcoming those crossing the strait.
The colonial church of the
Virgen de Copacabana. Pilgrims
and visitors from around the world
come to light candles and walk the
stations of the cross up Cerro Calvario.

Central plaza in Copacabana. Check out the cactus in bloom.
And the Virgin doesn´t discriminate:
The first time a vehicle comes to
Copacabana it is "baptized" and
decorated to bring it good luck.


  1. Ahahah!! I do believe I see a beach! Now, this would be MY kind of stop (for a week or two) enough with the 21kg packs and rocky terrain!

    wilby casting his thoughts south +/- 20 Latitude

  2. Hey Wilby!
    It´s a beach alright at 3,800 m it´s not exactly balmy ...
    We´ve been getting mountain tans though ... heading out tomorrow morning for a 12 day trek :)
    Inga and Jan

  3. WOW ! Quelle belle photo, toutes ensemble ! C'est comme si je sentais un peu avec vous avec le grafiti! J'ai fait le lac Titica a partir de Puno.
    Merci c'est extra !
    Je supose que Esther vous a maintenant quitté. Bonne chance dasn la Cordillera