Saturday, November 27, 2010

Things we don´t blog about

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Important instructions - not to be taken lightly.
 It´s true. We are having awesome experiences, getting to know out there places beyond civilization and meeting interesting people along the way, too.

But really, do we tell all? No! Of course not!

So for the fun of it here´s a list of things we don´t blog about:
  1. The specifics of various bathrooms we encounter
  2. The physical requirements of bathroom use (depending on number 1 above).
  3. How long it takes to break the habit of flushing toilet paper, even though the systems here can´t handle it.
  4. And if you throw it in, under what circumstances do you try to remedy the error.
  5. Asking your hiking guide to buy feminine hygiene products.
  6. The awkwardness of getting  the conjugation of Spanish verbs in both tense and person wrong.
  7. Trying to eat the entire Pique de lo Macho plate even though it would feed a family of 4 - or 6! - and what happens afterwards.
    Bolivian national dish. Pique do lo
    macho is basically protein. Tons of protein
    and a little bit of potato starch.
  9. Generally, the bodily functions that follow food one is not used to eating.
  10. Undertaking secret calculations of how much pasta it takes to become seriously allergic to it.
  11. The discovery of the intrinsic connection between panty-liners and panties.
Well, there.

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  1. HILARIOUS!!!.... thank you for sharing those 'things that we think about but don't talk about' with us> your faithful readers. I have not laughed that hard in a while. The local dish is huge - did they seriously think that just one person could eat all of that?????