Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rare signs of life in the deserts

We got to see more animals that we hadn´t seen live before. So here they are for your enjoyment!
Check out the video Jan took at the bottom of this post.

Laguna Colorada. The rare James Flamingos live here
off the pink and red algae. You are what you eat!

Fly away ... OK, so this one landed like
50 m away - same laguna, same food.

So many flamingos - and one other
bird in the foreground (click to
enlarge, as always!

Flamingo in flight with perfect reflection.
(Yeah - Inga got this one. Finally a bird in flight up close!)

Vicuña! Wikipedia says they are a 
relative of the llama, and is believed to be
the wild ancestor of domesticated
alpacas. They seem to live on
nothing in this harsh environment.
Maybe they eat dirt?!

One of the 80 or so bird species living
at well above 4,000 m in the
Andes of Bolivia.


  1. BIG love for the flamingos and other sweet birds that you saw. I loved watching the video and seeing them walk.. oh, and the vicuna is a grazer that eats grasses... oh, and it's classifed as an endangered species!!! whoa

  2. I saw the same type of Lago de sal in the Ataca Desert in Chile at about 4 000M of altitude. Also there were such rosy flamingos. Great pics ! Seems to be pretty windy. Good place to get a tan ! Enjoy !Guy