Friday, November 5, 2010

Cordillera Blanca - our team

The 4-legged team.
To be 10 days in the mountains is impossible for us to do alone - too much to carry in too many high places. Our team was a self-sufficient crew of 4 people: our guide Eli, our cook Humberto and two arrieros (donkey drivers). We also had 5 donkeys and 3 horses, which included a spare - just in case.

Punta Union pass - they went the
same route we did - just faster!

We used the horse once: for a river
crossing! (I look bulky because I have
my day pack underneath my rain gear!)
Between our very knowledgeable guide - from the mountains to medicinal plans to spotting wild life and fossils, our artful cook - he made amazing meals on that two burner stove - and our arrieros who took care of all things related to the camps and of course the 4-legged support - we felt very well taken care of.

A great team!
 Skyline Adventures put the team together for us and took care of logistics. We just showed up at our hotel door at 6: 15 am and off we went!


  1. Fabulous photos ! You talked about Skyline Adventures. Did you organize that from Canada with them or you just took while on site ? The magic question; How much this portion with Adventure to do Los Cedric Trek ! Amazing adventure ! Guy

  2. OH my gosh.... I'm having H.U.G.E moments looking at all of the adorable donkeys!!!! What wonderful photos girls. things are good on the home-front. Cats send their meows to their momma.

    Peace out!!!

  3. Hi Guy!
    We researched guide cos online in Canada and made contact with a few. Skyline in Peru and Bolivian Mountain Guides in, well, Bolivia, were right up on the communications and information sharing about all parts of the trips and helping in planning. I´d not recommend picking a guide co when you get to the place - there are well over a hundred and many are said to promise much more than they deliver. You want to get that sense of trust and competence before you show up!