Monday, November 1, 2010

First impressions of La Paz

First view of La Paz from the
airport road. Looks and feels
cosmopolitan and vibrant, as it
spills down into the valley and up.
We arrived in La Paz this afternoon. Never had so much turbulence on an approach as we did coming in to the airport at 4,000 metres. Saw Lake Titicaca and Cordillera Real along the way. Cool!

We are staying at Casa Hermanos Manchego. Not sure how it happened, but this place is a gem. We have a full appartement, and there is only one other guest bedroom, which is not taken right now! Dining room, living room, kitchen, and a very large bedroom just for us :) And the neighbourhood is great. Within 5 blocks there are tons of interesting restaurants, stores, internet cafes, parks and cobbled roads.

Jan looking out from Casa
Hermanos Manchego.
First impression: we're loving it here!

Our laundry will be done for tomorrow - and believe me after 10 days' trekking, the only sort of clean clothes we have we are wearing. So yeah to laundry!

Inga in front of our casa.


  1. Buenos dias Jan & Inga,
    Tres intéressant de pouvoir vous suivre sur votre parcours. Vous rejoindrez Esther et Miguel je crois aujourd'hui. j'ai bien hate de voir les photos de retrouvailles dans les lieux d'origine d'Esther. Question: dans les montagnes parcourus durant la derniere semaine, comment vous assurez-vous de suivre les sentiers: Guides avec vous, GPS, reperes sur le parcours ou ??. Buena suerte. GUY

  2. Buenos dias Guy! Tenemos un guia, un cocinero y un arriero para el trek Transcordillera. Vamos a llegar este domingo por 12 dias.
    Hacemos un tiempo excellente con Esther y Miguel. Manana iremos a Lago Titicaca ... Ciao, Inga

  3. Inga y Jan,
    Que lindos comentarios, mil gracias. Que les vaya bien en Uyuni!!!