Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Friends in La Paz

Esther in heaven! A calle
dedicated to nothing but
wool, alpaca and other
knitting delights!
Yup. Heaven!
Miguel checking out the scene. By
 the end of the street he was ready
 for a cold one: Pico de Plata, Pico de
 Oro or Huari?
What a great few days we´ve been having in La Paz. Been spending time with Esther and Miguel, shopping, eating, exploring the city and discovering Esther´s roots. Also been enjoying meeting Humberto and Olga, her cousin and his wife. Lovely people. Just like the Bolivians we´ve been meeting in shops and in our casa.

Esther and Inga - this was a super
quiet moment on the street. The feria
really was hopping this Wednesday

Street market - everything is available here:
fruit, veggies, meat, fish, things we
don´t have names for ...

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  1. Buenos dias Jan & Inga,

    Muchas gracias Inga para tu respuesta. Es fantastico de ver Esther con vosotros en La Paz. La parece muy confortable en su pais de origen. interesante de verla con un sombrero bombin negro local. Que tengan un buen trek en la proxima montana. Ciao !