Sunday, November 21, 2010

Casa Hermanos Manchego -- our fine casita in La Paz

Matte de coca is as common
as Tetley, but a whole bunch
 better in taste and in
medicinal properties (gives you
energy; good for stomach
aches; etc.)
Good morning! Inga prepping
breakfast in our very own dinning
room. How regal.
Trying to find just "the right spot" to call home involves a whole bunch of online research and, in the end, a gut feeling. Our home away from home in La Paz is pure perfection -- it is a fine home (i.e. very unlike a hotel) with a great vibe, fine people, great location (Sopocachi neighbourhood) and interesting history.

This fine piece of stained glass is in the sitting room
at the front of the house. It is only one of the many
pieces of stained glass to adorn the house.

Inga in the front garden. A very
welcoming entrance.

View into the sitting room from the
dining room.


  1. Muchas gracias por sus comentarios, Inga y Jan, sean bienvenidos siempre! Estamos felices que nuestros huespedes se sientan en casita.

  2. nice posada! Di me, es el cocinero incluido tambien?