Thursday, December 2, 2010

More Salar de Uyuni impressions :)

Some of our loyal readers have been wanting more pics of us. Well, here are a few - mostly of Jan since Iamposting this -  from the Salar trip last week.

Jan and our shadow friends from
Norway at Laguna Colorada. Yes,
it´s red.

Some of the funky views we smiled
about.The foreground is the Salt flats.

OK. That´s actually Johnny, our driver
through Salar and Lagunas. Relaxing
and having some fun on the Pampa
Colorada as we await help and gas.We broke down about 25 minutes
from Uyuni, our end point.

Flamingos proved inspirational :)

Ah, Jan likes these pink flamingos a lot.


  1. Hi Jan and Inga:
    My jealous fit of pique is over and so I humbly take back the tiny violins.
    Jan, you are so tanned!
    Just love the funky picture at the top.
    Looking forward to Machu Picchu pictures. Hope we get to see you too Inga.

  2. Buenos dias,

    Very nice pics, sunny and looks warmer. Indeed Jan has a deep tan and a great smile. Have Fun ! Guy

  3. Tiny violins? Ahhhh, if you have violins going make them HUGE. Besides, what about Pan flutes. They can also grind some ...

  4. Hi Guy: Ah, the great smile comes naturally, the tan depends on the height as much as the weather :) In Patagonia we´re looking towards wind... being at sea level and all the wind burns more than the sun. But it´s all good!