Saturday, December 4, 2010

Peru Rail makes for a fun excursion

Valle Sagrado outside of Cusco.
Inga enjoying the ride to Aguas Calientes
We took the train from Cusco (actually Poroy Station about 25 minutes outside of Cusco) to Aguas Calientes which is the crazy tourist town at the foot of the mountains where Machu Picchu is located. The train takes about 4 hours and goes through some amazingly narrow valleys along the way. It also goes through parts of Valle Sagrado where the abundance of agricultural riches was evident.

KM 82. The beginning of the Inka Trail.
The Expedition train.
On the way there we took the Expedition train (which has great views out of windows on the roof, too) and on the way back the Vistadome. For a mere $12 more for the Vistadome train we got great andino food, surprising entertainment as soon as darkness set in, a fashion show (vicuña sweaters, anyone?) and a generally satisfying experience. I am glad we took the two different options  for a broader experience.

The wine we bought ... by the bottle.
... and drank during the 4-hour trip.

A traditional performance, surely by one of the attendants...
And these 2 provided the fashion show!

Quite the jokster outfit!


  1. Crazy Train ride - looks like a blast

  2. :))))) it so was! If you ever make it down here .. you know what to do!

  3. Hi Inga and Jan,
    Service has improved much since 2002 with Chilean wine on board (Casillero del Diablo), roof top vistadome, fashion shows etc. I am looking forward to go back some day. The last time I took the train between Cuzco and Agua Calientes, the train stopped for 2 hours because of a brake failure, but we were listening to pink Floyd music in theses majestic valleys. Have fun ! Guy