Monday, December 6, 2010

Getting ready for trekking in Torres del Paine

For the 4th night in a row - hm,  that is every night in Punta Arenas! - we had a delectable dinner at La Marmita! That is an essential part of preparing for 9  or 10 days of independent (no guide, no cook, no donkeys) trekking in Torres del Paine National Park: We will be eatimng dehydrated foods and 5-minute rissottos for dinner ... hoping the grocery stores will have a half decent selection of actual food, even if it is 3x the price ... it will be like Canadian grocery prices or so.

All that to say, we[ll see if we can post some pics while in the Park, but most likely we will get to that afterwards in mid-December. We are also discussing where exactly to spend Christmas and New Years. We are open to suggestions! I mean, I champion Antartica, but it costs real money to fly there (not Bolivianos!) :)))) Jan is talking the beach in Uruguay ... You see the wide range of options under consideration ...


  1. Ummmmmm....that should not be a hard decision.... go for beach-life!!!! surf, sand, bonfires, yummy food- what a great way to welcome in 2011!!!!! BRING IT!!!!

  2. Sorry Inga,I concur with Carolyn. I just checked the weather and it is definitely beach weather. If I had dinero to burn, I'd be with you and pay for a 3 day stay and then go to the beach but alas we do not. Or at least I do not.

    Do you think you'll make it to Ushuaia? Compromise could be Christmas there and then do New Years on the beach in Uruguay and slowly wend your way down to Buenos Aires for the flight home.

    So glad you found a place to eat that tickled you tastebuds Jan. Being a veggie seems like a tough thing to be in the wilds of the southern hemishpere. Probably is hard in the wilds of Canada too.

    How will you get to the park from where you are now? Are you looking at 40 to 50 pound packs to start off? Or are the stores you refer to in the park?

    Loved the penguin videos.

    Have fun.
    Talk to you in 10 days or so.

  3. Hi Ladies,
    Thanks Inga for your personal comment. About Christmas and New Year, I would vote for passing the celebrations in a family type Inn in which you will feel how the people lives this period of the year and luckily, be part of the festivities, considering they are welcoming people. Thanks again for bringing us with you in backpak with your blog.
    Hasta pronto !

  4. Go for the beach bonfire to celebrate the holidays for shore!

  5. Hi Inga and Jan ...
    Right about now you're probably getting some snow and lots of wind up at Torres Del Paine!
    Met you at La Marmita ... had the same meal.
    Anyway ... like the blog and great photo's.
    Have a great trip and Happy Holidays.
    Todd R

  6. Hi Todd:
    La Marmita was definitely the culinary highlight of the trip and so unexpected. It was fun chatting with you and your daughter over dinner. We've arrived home in Ottawa 4 weeks ago (and am missing that 'open road' like crazy.)

    Should be a good travel year around Canada though, including a foray to the North, some for work - some for pure pleasure.

    Hope you are keeping well with all the wintry pleasures this year. Lots of snow in the US of A.

    Happy February!