Sunday, December 5, 2010

La Marmita dinner No 3

Jan has an appetizer: salad!!!
Oh. My. Goooooooood!

This place is divine.

Best food in 2 months. At the end of the world!
La Marmita. Funky place. Amazing food.
Pisco sour. Berry sour. All YUM!
Salmon and tasty veggies. Sigh.
Jan enjoyed her entree -  like so!
Taste buds rejoice!


  1. WOW ! Am I missing something here ? Much text and Pictures only in one week end. You are prolific writer ! Good food, wine on the train, funky places, big smiles ! OK I am reading and be back. Have a great day ! Guy

  2. Hi Guy: We will be trekking the big O in Torres del Paine shortly. So, there will be a dearth of posts forthcoming :) But, first more new stuff later today.
    Ciao - Jan and Inga