Monday, December 20, 2010

In related news ... it is broken

Best Pisco Sour ever
(and especilly well deserved)
We got the recipe!
This is Jan having dinner at La Marmita once again this Sunday! That cast you see on her left arm is the one the doc at the clinic put on today, ´cause, well, her wrist is broken.

This happened the very first day of hiking at Torres del Paine. The fall was minor, didn´t even hurt really she says. But the next day the hand was swollen and it and stayed that way the entire 11 days in the park. But in the backcountry there are no docs (actually there was Wibke, one of the awesome people we met trekking in  the backcountry and she correctly called it a few days ago) or x-rays ... Today, as soon as we got back to Punta Arenas, we went to the local clinic and Jan got x-rays and the somewhat humourless advice from the attending doc to see a specialist when we get to Puerto Montt on the 24th.

My appetizer: lasaña de ostiones
Jan´s Ensalada de Marmita starter.
Amazingly, the break isn´t so painful and Jan´s been hiking and being her usual active and happy self notwithstanding the injury. I just help with a couple of things that were more painful, but nothing big really. It looks like the break isn´t so bad, although the doc mentioned something about the possibility of surgery). We will get the consult in Puerto Montt and she´ll take it from there.

Meanwhile tonight´s amazing dinner pics!

Inga´s main: crazy tasty fish with quinoa.
Jan´s awesomely tasty veggie dish!

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  1. HUHHHH!
    Bad news, broken wrist for 11 days without any treatment so far from home, but
    WOW !!!
    How can you be more courageous, determined, positive and on top, having a great smile (OK pisco helps!). I really hope everything will be fine with the specialist in Puerto Montt. We are all behind you and sending you positive waves

    Jan, come back in one piece !