Saturday, December 25, 2010

Patagonian flora is all about the small details

Someone said this is a tiny orchid.
Torres del Paine contains 11 different ecozones, according to a guide we met along the way. It makes for interesting and varied flora. Here are a few examples for your enjoyment. Almost all have one thing in common: they are so small.

These flaming red and orange flowers grow on mounds of
bushes that look rather sparse without them.

Lovely aren´t they? We saw plenty of dandelions and
butter cups and then some that are similar to
flowers up north but aren´t the same.

These were everywhere, almost.
Reminiscent of cranberries.

Despite its smallness, this gorgeous
 flower packs in a lot of beauty.


  1. Hey Inga & Jan - I just got caught up on your wonderful adventures! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Almonte! Chris (& Dieter)

  2. Merry Christmas Jan and Inga!

    I'm happy to hear the good news about your wrist, Jan. A very nice Christmas gift indeed! !

    Thinking of you with a great big smile in my heart,

    Love Monika