Sunday, September 1, 2013

The 12 stations of the cross in Sucre

We are not actually into such things normally, but we found ourselves taking the long way to the Mirador in Sucre ;) We ascended about 300m to3,100m and then found ourselves in a place of worship and asking favours that is well used by the local people. Quite a few were up here, making offerings and such.

Jesus statue with altar inside on top of hill near downtown Sucre.

The 12th station of the cross. Each one had a monument like this. 

Then there was the actual mirador, very close to our B&B as it turns out, and while located much lower than Jesus, it also had lovely views over the city. Also just a few steps away is an amazing Indigenous art museum focussed on weaving. It also haas some historic artefacts, musical instruments and really well done explanations and videos. This is well worth the visit as it offers three different indigenous peoples traditions in one place. In recent years, there have been efforts made to recover thr lost knowledge of complex weavings and the results are stunning artistic - and practical - work
Inga enjoying the views from El Mirador, and about to have a well-earned lunch, too.

If you ever make it to Sucre: go here!

We also made it to the Case de la Libertad at Plaza 25 de mayo. It has a few rooms with artefacts of importance to Bolivia´s history, paintings of important generals and such.

Jan posing in la Casa de la Libertad in Sucre. She is standing beside the actual Declaration of Independence on display here. Simon Bolivar is in the centre on the wall with other major liberation figures beside him. Also Jan paid to be an official photographer, hence that tag she´s got on. I thought it amazing they´d allow photography inside these places and with these unique artefacts.

The stain glass above the senate room is gorgeous.

And finally one of the many churches in town.

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