Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Glacier excursion: Huayna Potosi

After yesterday´s super long day out there, we wished for an easier day out. So ice climbing we went. Of course, the car ride in good traffic is an hour, the hike in another hour. So, we ended up getting back to town around 4:00pm anyways.

Eduardo is an extraordinary mountain guide and climber. It is a pleasure to see him in action and to see him excel at mountain crafts. And he loves to share his knowledge and enthusiasm with eager students like us : )

Jan free solos the first pitch with Eduardo by her side. She totally nailed that!
Real glacier, real crevaces, including that one 2 feet to our left.
Jan steps across to get to picth 2 - this time on top rope.

Nice form! Awesome scenery!
Eduardo makes for a very relaxed belayer.
My turn. 
Despite a tiny bit of intimidation - ahem crevace anyone? -  I made it up there, too :)
For good measure Eduardo had me downclimb that first pitch to end the day, on a very loose belay. Just to get into that confident mindset thing. 
All around a fine day, without actual epic moments. Tomorrow we hope to head off to attempt Illimani. If conditions are good, ie not too much soft snow to contend with and good weather and no sickness ... well, the stars might just align for this spring equinox.

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