Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Easy climb? Not really. But Jan nails it!

Yesterday we ventured out to a supposedly ¨easy day¨. It turned out to be anything but.

First off, having been recovering in La Paz from colds we both found the approach hike between 4,500 and 4,900m actually quite hard on the breathing. Once that got worked out, we started out on the snow, very soft snow. My less weighty companions barely broke in, I on the other hand found myself struggling with hip deep snow, trying valiantly to get above it all.

My engery was drained in no time, well a couple of hours probably. I got to about 5,100m and was just exhausted. I decided to watch Jan and Eduardo complete the ascent to a summit of about 5,500m. It took them another hour and a bit. They took some summit shots, while I was basking in the sun awaiting their return. When I watched them coming down I realized they were downclimbing the upper slopes. Must have been steep and treacherous.

The objective is on the left, think highest point you see in this pic.

Me working through a not so fluffy bit. Mostly it felt like I was way deep in there.
Jan is ready to take it on. Here is the spot I went down to the beach and Jan and Eduardo went up.

Off to work they go!

Here they are heading uphill.
And higher they go: step by step.
Meanwhile I also kept track of the sun and cloud action.

Admire the valley below. I am about 600m up from the top of this valley.

And 3.5  hours later Jan and Eduardo return from a successful, demanding summit attempt. Congratulations!

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