Sunday, September 1, 2013

La Paz - acclimatization going well

We are in La Paz now. Just catching up on Sucre and trekking near Sucre posts :)

Our acclimatization plan is working very well: no headaches at all so far and no issues with nausea, food or anything either. This is splendid.

We have booked 4 day-trips for this week. First a visit to Tiwanaku, an ancient civilization perhaps more advanced than most others in its heyday, then a half-day horseback riding excurison, both of these will see us around 3,800 to 4,000m. The third and fourth day will see us getting high. First to about 4,700 on a day hike from Tuni, about 2 hours from La Paz, to Chiara Qota, a laguna we slept at 3 years ago. Then a trip up to Chacaltaya (formerly the highest commercial ski resort in the world at 5,300m before the glacier melted due to climate change) and a hike over to the base camp at Huayna Potosi.

We sleep at about 3,500 m in La Paz, but walk up to 3,700 or 3,800 m. (around 12,000 feet). While that is normal here, it is amazing when you consider how few places in Canada exist at that altitude. There are just a handful outside the St Elias Range in the Yukon. Basically, while we would include being at such altitude in our mountain resume, being in La Paz makes it seem like nothing to write home about.

We are feeling great being here. Like 3 years ago we are staying at Casa Hermanos Manchego, with the lovely Isabel our host and her staff ever caring for our well being. We have already been to our favourite restaurant down the street and enjoyed tasty Thai at Maphroa On. It´s lovely to reconnect with people and places we know a little already.
(Post by Inga)

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