Sunday, September 15, 2013

Rest day

There is climbing and there is resting.

Here are some impressions of simply living at 4,900m, where our high camp was located, near the end of the last valley in this part of the Cordillera Real range (Humalajanta group).

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Grooming is part of resting : ) And what a back drop for it.

Juan, our cook, takes advantage of the mid-morning sun for a rest on a rock near our tent.

Inspired 1

Inspired 2 (Jan named this rock "womb")

Hot sun alternates with cold winds. The mid-day view out the back and down valley from our tent.

The night time view up the valley from outside our tent. Loving Jan´s dSLR!

And moments later the clouds started to move in again, with atmospheric  lightening to boot. 

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