Saturday, September 28, 2013

Jungle fun

We had an amazing time in the jungle in Madidi National Park, in the north of Bolivia. Mashaquipe, the etno-ecolodge we visited was perfect: rustic, great food (thanks again Wilson), an excellent local guide (the ever knowledgeable Eber), a very good manager who made sure all was in fine order. We got to see monkeys, papagayos, kolibri and many other birds, wild boar, turtles and even a cayman (a supersized crocodile) in their natural habitat. And we got to walk a lot to do so, which was also pretty perfect.  We took some great pics along the way which we will post later.

Rurrenbanaque, the small gateway town to the jungle or the pampas, is laid back, well equipped for tourism, and friendly.

Right now we are at the La Paz airport awaiting our lengthy flight itinerary home. We have booked a 3 hour Panama City tour - the kind tailored to "in transit" tourists, as a from/to airport, to see the Panama Canal and some of the city, too. Jorge, our guide/driver will await us after we clear customs with one of those little signs with our names on them. The adventure continues - even if we will be seriously sleep deprived.

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