Thursday, September 5, 2013

On horseback to the Muela del Diablo -- que lindo!

Combining the grandeur of nature south of La Paz with horseback riding surely is a winning combination. On yet another blue sky day (!) we headed off with our guide to experience a three hour ride to the Muela del Diablo (the Devil´s Tooth). As well as being an impresse rock formation, the Muela del Diablo has a few myths attached to it. One is the story of a black slave who fled his keepers and found refuge in the rock. Folklore has it that he stole food and clothing from the locals and, once found out, met with his death in their hands. Another story has it that the Muela del Diablo was (is?) the spot locals went to in order to practice their sacrificial offerings (I like the first version of the story better, I must say, notwithstanding the death of the  poor man). In any event, as an adventurer on horseback, the Muela del Diablo and the "Lost Valley" we rode through made for some magnificent moments in nature.

At 3,850m with the infamous Muela del Diablo behind them, Jan and her horse, Muñeca, stand tall  (as they can),
beside Inga and her horse, Mulata.

The Muela del Diablo was only one of the several "western movie" rock formations.

Although inviting, the rock is not suitable for climbing as it is  more like  dense mud than rock. These  artistic shapes were formed over time by the downpours of the rainy seasons.

Inga was pleased with her ride. Ride´em, cowgirl.

The stable we went to had 12 horses, seven ponies, a couple of  alpacas, one lamb (who thought it was an alpaca),  as well as some pigs and chickens. Our horseback riding ended up being an afternoon at the farm.

Get it while the getting is good.

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