Tuesday, August 14, 2012

GMC - July 28 - Arrival

We'll put up a separate post with highlights from each day of the General Mountaineering Camp. On Saturday, July 28, we drove from Golden to the heli-pad down the logging road at Kinbasket Lake. It was our first time in a helicopter. Exciting.
First look at the helicopter. It takes 6 passengers, plus pilot and
naturally everyone's gear and lots of food for the week.
Arriving at camp.

Our home for the week. We were in the "Eastern block" - the
furthest from the dining tent and the horn alerting us to wakeup
and meals. We spent the week living right by the
glacial run off (almost lake) from the Haworth glacier. The tents
were huge, compared to our own 2-person tent.
We had a luxurious amount of space for gear and sleeping.
In the centre of this photo is our camp seen from the edge of
the Silvertip Glacier. The white tents are the communal tents
for dining, tea, gear drying, kitchen, supplies.

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