Tuesday, August 7, 2012

General Mountaineering Camp (GMC)

 Last week we spent in the Selkirks near Sir Sandford mountain. We had a fantastic time there, working our way up several summits with great guides and in excellent rope team company. The Alpine Club of Canada has been undertaking this camp since 1906; so we've joined this awesome tradition finally.

The weather was good most days. We started with settling in at camp on Saturday. The bit of rain that afternoon wasn't of any consequence. Sunday was snow school: crampons, ice axes, self-arrest, rope team logistics all figured large.

Monday we did our first climb: Alpina Dome. It was a dome: huge summit area and all snow ascend. Things got a bit worrisome on the way down as hail, thunder and lightening moved in. We hurried as much as we could down the glacier and into camp. All was well. Tuesday, we went out to Citadel mountain - a long glacier walk out and then up a steep snow arete, with lots of exposure. Memorable for sure.

Wednesday, despite myself, Jan and I headed up on a rope team with our guide Peter to Silvertip. A mix of rock and ice, it made for an interesting ridge experience with lots of loose rock and steep climbing sections to gain the summit. Thursday we got rained out: day and night. A well needed rest day, which was filled with more skills and information on mountain craftiness.

Friday we took on Azimouth - the glacier crossing was followed by a long rocky ridge with several intermediate summits. A worthy final climb of our week. Friday night's talent show featured some memorable moments using many windstoppers (buffs).

Saturday we helicoptered out and then caught our ride back to Golden. Sad to leave this time and place and the people we got to know in camp.

Pics will come later - having trouble with uploading from our cameras :(

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