Saturday, August 25, 2012

Day 2 - Heading to Good Sir Pass

From our camp to Goodsir Pass, part of the famous Rockwall Trail, was just over 9 km one way. Today, would be a big day for us city gals.

Jan's happy and looking good on Bo.

Single track. Our guides were dealing with
trail clearing quite adaptly. Pays to have retired
Park Wardens as guides.
Leaving the fire road we were now riding on single track. It's obviously not a much travelled area, Al and Dave did lots of trail clearing of blow down. Some small and a quick axe job sufficed. Others sizable B.C. trees requiring knowledgeable saw work. Al and Dave handled all with aplomb.

We got to be tourists and wait from them on our horses. The horses, of course, took any opportunity to eat grass and some leaves during these frequent breaks. We reached the Pass after about 3.5 hours; after some steep climbing our horses had to do. We supported them as best we could, making our riding lessons count.

While there was plenty of grazing for the horses, there was no water for them. So we had a well earned rest, some lunch and got on our way back down.

Upon our return we got to a river we had crossed in the morning. Now, Al said, let your horses drink! And they did. We got back to camp after an awesome and exhausting riding day with about 6 hours logged!

Jan at our lunch spot with awesome mountain views.
While it's definitely easier to ride a horse up here than hike
with backcountry gear, it's still a great workout! 

Our horses get a break and graze to their heart's content.

Awesome views over the glaciated Goodsirs. They are
impressive at up to 3,500 m high.

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