Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day 3 - Bushwhack!

After a couple of days of camping at Ottertail camp it was clear that there's not enough grazing for the horses for 3 days. It was also clear that the last 2 days of riding had been tiring and most of us were ready for an easier day.
Jan's happy taking care of the horses. She's also good at it.

Big Al and Dave in the kitchen.

Us at the edge of Ottertail Falls

Bushwhacking on horseback was a new kind of experience.

So we rode up to Ottertail Falls and then attempted to access the river near camp via an old telephone route to the Cabin. The bushwhack was just that. Both horse and rider had to handle all manner of jumbled trees and the footing was progressively softer. In the end, we decided that this old route was not going to be feasible and turned around to head back to camp. It ended up being a shorter then hoped for riding day (just under 2 hours), but such is the nature of exploration.

You can lead a horse to water but ...
Jan and Al taking a couple of horses down to make sure they
are well hydrated.
Enjoying the afternoon at our private river hideaway!
Al and Dave brought the horses to a grazing spot across the river from the Warden's cabin so they'd be well fed and watered for our ride out the next day.

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