Monday, August 20, 2012

GMC - August 3 - Azimuth Mountain

On the Silvertip glacier looking toward Silvertip mountain.
The Adamant glacier looking toward
Adamant range from Azimuth.
This, our final climbing day had a couple of rope teams heading for Azimuth. Jan was on Jeff's team, while I was on Brenda's together with Renee (back-country cook extraordinaire!) and Angelika. Our team took things a little more leisurely than Jan's ;)
Brenda leading Renee, Angelika and Inga up the ridge.
The route to Azimuth included that same snow field and steep scramble on loose rock to get to the Silvertip glacier. Then we crossed the crevassed glacier and got onto the long rock ridge. There were a few climbing moves, lots of exposure and awesome vistas. The weather again held up, despite a few moments of dark clouds swirling in. In the mountains weather can change dramatically in either direction: toward scary or toward gorgeous.

The benefit of being on different teams - pictures.
This one of my team near the summit.

Jan's team included Alisen, Julius and guide Jeff. A couple of
minutes after these pics we were all on the summit :)

Julius and Alisen, part of Jan's rope team,
 doing the Azimuth summit dance.

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