Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tablelands and more :)

Yesterday we broke our ocean camp at Green Point and headed to the other side of the bay at Trout River. With rain in the forecast we efficiently took down, drove about 100km to the other side of the Tablelands and set up camp. By then the drizzle had started but we set up in record time and avoided getting the tent interior wet. :)

Then off to the Discovery Centre to discover and charge batteries. Very handy those wall plugs. We hiked the Lookout Trail in the rain and then headed into Trout River for an early dinner. We went to renowned Seaside restaurant with great food and excellent musical additions by Kendra, future owner of the establishment.

This was followed by a great night in the cooking shelter meeting travellers and talking over beers and such 'til after 1. What better on a rain-drenched night?

This morning I made breakfast, we got all showered up and headed for a hike to the Tablelands (that's where we took these puics). It's trying to clear up and we are hopeful for sun tomorrow.

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