Sunday, August 14, 2011

Air Canada's reputation management is atrocious

Well, we got to Montreal yesterday: Jan got her boarding pass 5 minutes before the plane was to take off - her checked luggage however was not put on the plane.

At arrival we learned it might come in on the 6:30 pm flight. So, off we go to our hotel check in and call the bride of the wedding we are here for to find out the start time. It is now! We change clothes - smartly we packed our wedding attire in carry on - and head off to the wedding, arriving on time even! Yeah! It was a great wedding :)
This morning there's still no bag and AC central baggage centre is proving less than service-oriented. One of the best lines: "Maybe the courier company doesn't work Sundays - you can call to find out." They would give a decent voucher for clothes shopping except Jan doesn't remember her Aeroplan number and they cannot look it up! WTF?!  

Maybe that number is the secret to our troubles: Jan didn't have it handy when we booked our tickets so didn't enter it, but I entered mine. Who knows. Transparency is not an AC strength.

They seem hell-bent on turning us into something other than customers in a few short moments.

Reminds me of their attempt at a huge money grab at the end of our South American trip. Instead of paying them thousands of dollars we paid a local airline a few hundred to spend a fine day in Buenos Aires. Long story that one.

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