Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Regatta Day to Cape St Mary's

This morning we awoke to the most annoying alarm: beep-beep-beep pause beep-beep-beep. Jan said it woke her at 5:15 am! When we finally went out at 8:30 we smelled smoke and saw several fire trucks. The church behind us had caught fire and at least 4 trucks were still on scene!

After breakfast we headed off to Regatta Day. That seemed like a fine party already at 11 in the morning.

From there we got our car and then headed to St Mary's Bay ecological reserve about 175 km from St John's at the southern tip of Avalon Peninsula. Those bird colonies were awesome.

We're overnighting in Placentia Bay with a view of the ocean. Tomorrow we're off toward Gros Morne.

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  1. Didn't you just love Regatta. It isn't a holiday until the committee says it is.
    Nothing like Quidi Vidi on Regatta Day. Funny lottery type tickets, lots of food and boat races of course.
    Where were you staying and what church burned down?
    Enjoy your drive across the island.

  2. We stayed at Hometel, St Joseph's Lane off signal Hill Rd. The Church was righjt behind us - almost on Quidi Vidi (there's one of thoise funny intersections there). Seemed to burn inside more than burning down - brick built I think.