Saturday, August 13, 2011

St John's

We spent the last 2 nights at Cabot House in St John's. A lovely inn very well appointed indeed. We took in a boat tour, some music and generally sampled the local flavour.

Now we're on stand by at Air Canada - they have overbooked their flight again and we are with one seat instead of the two we paid for. We're on our way to a wedding in Montreal this evening and there's no other AC flight that could get us there today.

We're supposed to be patiently waiting until 30 min before departure to find out if others will "volunteer" to stay behind.

It's hard to see how the AC business model of overbooking makes sense. The stress they induce in their passengers and the palpable hate they foster because of their choice to treat customers like cattle is apparently still worth it for their bottomline. So much for all their talk about respect and service quality.

To boot this airport has 1 Tim Horton's and nothing else. I guess that's to make sure irate customers don't become drunk irate customers.

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