Friday, August 5, 2011

Gros Morne Day 1

Yesterday we drove from Placentia after an awesome breakfast at Philip's Cafe to just outside Gros Morne where we stayed at the Old Lincoln Cabins (apparently named after its old Lincoln car yet using a Pepsi can as its signature turn off - go figure). Danny, the owner was a fountain of knowledge about all things Gros Morne.

This morning after a quick breakfast we headed into the Park and got the lay of the land Part 2 at the Visitors Centre. Proud owners of a 1 year group pass to all Parks Canada sites across the country we went to Green Point and set up our camping site right by the ocean.
The pic with the ocean show you the view from camp.

We also took in 3 hikes (#7, 8, 9 on the park map) for a total of about 3 hrs of hiking plus sightseeing over almost 13 km. Easy stuff that's high reward :)

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