Monday, November 14, 2011

Red Book Entry: October 13, 2010

I still can't believe that I am in Peru, being in another time and space and living very differently from my regular world.

Breakfast at Albergue Churup [in Huaraz] is totally amazing, from the clean and bright room, to the 180 degree view of the mountains, to the lovely people, to an amazing fruit salad. Pineapple is in abundance and tastier than any pineapple I have ever had. The albergue is busy but not full; just enough people to add to the positive vibe. This breakfast room can be used until 23h, making it a perfect spot to read and write and contemplate being.

I had a wonderful nap this afternoon (I am sleeping and sleeping and sleeping) after exploring Huaraz. Dogs are a plenty; street vendors sell food from their carts and women move effortlessly despite carrying a child, or wood, or long grasses (not sure what they use them for) [found out later that the grasses are alfalfa that they feed their guinea pigs that they raise as food] They use colourful pieces of cloth drapped over their shoulders and carried on their backs as snugglies for their infants and carry whatever needs to be carried. One thing that fulfills various needs.

I have not noticed many flowers growing in front of houses. What I have seen, however, makes up for the volume -- beautiful white calla lilies grow in abundance. They are not indigenous to Canada and are quite expensive to buy so it's delightful to see so many, including a huge bouquet in the sitting area just outside our room. Splendid.

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