Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Red Book Entry: October 18, 2010

Today marks the end of our first week in S.A. And, as is the case when I travel, time expands. I can't quite wrap my mind around all of the experiences I have had.

I am cozy in the tent with Inga, all my posessions (although I did leave a few items in Huaraz) and a warm bottle of mate de coca at the bottom of my sleeping bag (a trick I learned from Poppy, our guide on Aconcagua in 2007). Tonight is the third night camping at the Way Inn, a perfect lodge roughly a three-hour walk from Huaraz. We took a taxi to get here but plan on walking back to town with Cecilia, an interesting woman who works at the lodge occasionally.

Part of the reason why we came here was to acclimatize and to camp in Peru for the first time. As well, there is some excellent hiking here. Yesterday we simply went for a three-hour walk along the aquaduct and spent the whole time uttering superlative after superlative.We had the company of the three dog pals who live at the inn. They made the walk all the more enjoyable.

There is a reason we did not go for a big hike; I apparently picked-up a gastro problem along the way. I had major belly aches for three days and diarrhea a plenty. The day we arrived at the inn I did nothing but sleep (and go to the bathroom, of course). As it turned out, that was a fine thing to do because we had a major thunderstorm without any lightning. Weather in the mountains is changeable, to say the least.

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