Wednesday, November 9, 2011

180 South = Trip planning!

We just watched this awesome movie on DVD. There are a few stars in it but none greater than Patagonia itself. I love Patagonia.

I learned that there's a new park about to open to the public: Conservacion Patagonica. Who's behind this new park? A couple of Americans; one who once was a blacksmith, climber and surfer and started first Black Diamond and then, well, Patagonia, and the other the chap who started The North Face and later ESPRIT.

The footage in the movie is everything I have ever seen and loved about being in Patagonia. And, it conspires  with some trip planning: we have begun to think about climbing Aconcagua and when you go that far south it's only natural to want to spend a little more time ... and it is an objective that will take some training to do well.

Meanwhile, check out this movie to see for yourself what it is all about.

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