Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rheinsteig - Braubach to Kestert (Day 1)

During our recent visit to Germany we spent about 92 km hiking along one of the most impressive parts of the Rheinsteig - a fully developed hiking trail that runs along the right side of the Rhine river.The route is divided up into 20 "normal" day hikes of about 15 km each and might see an elevation gain of about 700 or 800 m.

We combined 2 of these "normal"days each day to make for awesome  hiking days instead; it was my brother's doing, knowing one could maybe take the train part of the way if needed, not ours:)

Day 1 - We left from Aulhausen by car and drove up with Braubach. That took just over 1 hour. Over the next 3 days we were to hike back through the awesome scenery this UNESCO world heritage site boasts. We covered about 29 km that first day and took about 7 hours of hiking time, plus a few breaks. It was a gorgeous day!

A few impressions from along the way on Day 1.

The Rhine river just south of Braubach - one of many fine
lookout points to admire the views.

My brother, Karl. He put the 3 days
together for us and his family.

The hiker's party, chatting with a couple of "Rheinsteigers"

Laura, Ninja and Inga.

Above the Rhine the path goes by fields and woods.

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