Sunday, May 8, 2011

Rheinsteig - Dörscheid to Aulhausen (Day 3)

Day 2 ended  in Dörscheid just outside of Kaub at this beautiful, high-end country retreat - Landgasthaus Blücher, run by the Fezt family.

Day 3 - started with a lovely buffet breakfast and some first aid treatment for blisters. While Jan and I had no difficulty whatever with the weather and the attendant challenges of keeping ones feet from blistering (blisters really are type of  heat damage), Karl and Laura weren't so lucky.

Anyhow, I've never quite seen a blister as large as the one my brother sported on the ball of his foot. He decided to hike with Jan and I anyways, even as his wife and kids opted for a return home by train.

All six of us took off toward Kaub where 3 would catch the train and Karl, Jan and I would set out to hike - another 30+ km day with over 1,500 m in elevation change.

Jan in the vineyards above Kaub.

Customs house in the middle of the Rhine. Jan and I
visited there in 2004 - it was fun.

Trail markers - my fav is the wine glass :)

Click to enlarge for full enjoyment.

Heading down to Lorch - Karl left us here, so Jan and I
completed the final leg on our own.

Cigarettes are still available via
vending machines.

Steep vineyards in the Rheingau. Heading toward

Evening light - with another couple
of hours to go to Aulhausen, our
final destination - and starting point.

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