Friday, May 6, 2011

Rheinsteig - Kestert to Dörscheid (Day 2)

Day 2 - After a fine breakfast and making our lunches, 2 of our group of 6 took the train to St Goarshausen to pick up the trail there, while 4 of us embarked on this 2x normal day on foot. We covered over 2,000 m in elevation, over about 32 km. A big day by most standards. We ended it with a tasty dinner and great night at  Landgasthaus Blücher in Dörscheid, just outside of Kaub. 
Military practice run.

It so happens that my brother and his wife redesigned the interior of several of the guestrooms, so it was great to experience their work in action.

With the heat on - Germany basked in a very early heatwave with high summer temperatures every day - the hiking in among trees was a welcome brake. We still got our share of open vistas - and a most unusual bird - in the form of practicing fighter jets and military transporters that used the Rhine valley for training.

It was just like during the cold war - and I think it was quite a shock to Jan, who had never seen such a thing.

Balcony art. It actually worked.
Sculpture along the trail. Some might have wished to
get carried the last bit into Dörscheid:)

Laura, Karl and Jan hiking on.

Beautiful greenery everywhere
and that in mid April!

Military transport dropping down into the Rhine Valley

Rhine is a very busy economic
artery connecting Switzerland,
 France, Germany and Holland.

St Goarshausen - on top of this rock is a vertical Steig
like they have in the Alps: fixed ladders, bolted to rock.

Castles around every bend
in these parts.

The views of the meandering Rhine are all so pretty
here. This from the famous Loreley.

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