Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hiking in Germany

Photo copyright: Rheinsteig project office
Just before Easter we are off to Germany for a few days of visiting my family ... and hiking! We will be staying in the Rheingau, a gorgeous part of the country, where some of the best wines are cultivated. From there, we have innumerable options for hiking in the woods, along the Rhein river and through near endless vineyards. One option we are considering is a 3-day hike up the Rhein along a trail called the Rheinsteig. The idea of walking out of the house, no transport needed, and just go is very cool.

Hiking in these parts is very well developed and not exactly roughing it. But we can get some serious mileage in and that'd be awesome. In the Rheingau-Taunus-Kreis - the Taunus part of which I gre up in - there are many hiking trails we can pick from for shorter jaunts as we head off to see friends and family.

We will blog about the goings on while we are on the trails in Germany :)

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