Friday, October 22, 2010

Shooting the local flora and fauna ...

While we were at The Way Inn the other day, we got to see all kinds of things. (As usual, click to enlarge :)
Jan with one of the Way Inn dogs
who came with us on a lovely walk
into the Cojup Valley.
The most delicate andean flowers in
 bloom. I want to call them alpine, but
really, that would be euro-centric.

Spot the insect. Yup, there
is one! Looks just like a blade
of grass, but the biggest
part here is not grass.

Jan and the dogs all tuckered out
after our walk. Moments after this
idyllic shot it started to hail with
a vengeance.
And this one just because ... pine trees are cool.


  1. Hi Jan and Inga,

    I can't believe that it is going on 2 weeks that you have been gone.

    I was glad to hear that you arrived there safe and are enjoying yourselves.

    The weather here is getting colder with some rainy and sunny days. Soon the ground will be covered with leaves but would rather that than the snow.

    It sounds and looks like you are having a great holiday that you both deserve.

    Great pictures and commentary!

    Miss you both,
    Love your sister Chris

  2. Hi there,
    I am counting down the days until seeing you in La Paz. Nice pictures, is the dog coming along to Bolivia? It will be dificult to detach. You look comfortable with the dog.

  3. I think you should bring the stick bug back with you.

    Inga, are there any spiders? I know you love your eight legged friends.

  4. Hi Chris! And now it is almost 3 weeks. We are having an awesome time. Just got back from 10 days trekking in the mountains. New pics are up and more to come. Were thinking about you as we traversed precipitous paths and passes...