Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Laguna Churup

On Monday we went up to Laguna Churup from The Way Inn. We gained about 750 m elevation making it awesome for acclimatization. We both have been doing very well on that count all week.
It was a beautiful hike with not a soul in sight. I mean, really we were the only people up there all day! Here are some pics from my camera. The thing to get used to here is the way in which we get directions: "when the dirt road starts zig zagging turn up the herd path, there is an unfinished house there. Just follow it till you get to the road then follow the road to the right to the guard house." Amazingly it gets us there!

Jan on one of the scrambling sections
on way to Laguna Churup
Jan navigating the cable section on way down

Jan overlooking Laguna Churup with Nevado Churup towering
 another  1,000 m above.

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