Saturday, October 30, 2010

Los Cedros trek: Recommend!

Camera batteries are running low. So here are some more pics from my camera ... Enjoy. We did!

Oh, and Jan F., the donkies are on their way!
That is us at the top of one of
many passes - the highest was
4,850 metres.

Being right  in the mountains every
day is pretty awesome.

This day saw us crossing 2 passes
and hike to beat the rain. It worked!
So on to laundry and cleaning up.
We came down from the mountains to
Janca Pampa, our lowest camp at 3,600m

Janca Pampa is a fertile valley with
herds of goats, sheep, cows, horses
and a few farming families. The local
rooster and hen woke us up by doing
their morning thing right beside our tent.
Getting ready in the morning: first stop
breakfast in the dining tent (big blue tent).
Jan is looking great and ready to get
going for another fine day of trekking.

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