Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Peruvian-Japanese fusion cuisine

We didn't encounter this in Peru, likely because we didn't spend any significant city time and the mountains were dominated by country food. Both in Viña del Mar in Chile and in Buenos Aires we enjoyed this awesome fusion. There are plenty of connections between Asian and Latin American countries. For instance a Peruvian-Japanese chef evolved ceviche, a South American raw fish dish (fish that is cooked in a citric acid marinade rather than by heat) to its modern form. Certainly, fish and seafood are important in Japanese and many South American dishes.

In Viña del Mar we came across Six bar near the beach and had an unexpectedly great meal, cocktails, coffee and great service all included.
Inga's starter roll. This was so yummy!

Jan's veggie starter - modified to her specifications.

Inga's main. So good.

Jan's giant salad main.

When we were in Buenos Aires - capital of a country known for its notoriously bland food and, well, steaks - we looked for Peruvian-Japanese fusion and had several options to pick from in the trendy Palermo neighbourhood. We walked many blocks only to settle on the first place we had seen - of course - aptly called Ceviche.

Causa peruana sampler - the base is potato, toppings included squid, fish with avocado 

Jan's custom order of a great veggie salad with eggplant

We both ordered a variety of rolls as our mains. Some of mine were warm, and all very delicious!

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