Saturday, January 1, 2011

Feliz Año Nuevo, Happy New Year, Alles Gute im Neuen Jahr, Bonne annee

New year in Valparaiso was a blast! We got plenty of hugs and kisses from chilenos as well as shared a dance or two. As part of the festivities (that lasted until we got home at 3:00 am -- and then opened the small bottle of champagne left by our bed), we had a delicious supper at a funky restaurant, Cafe Vinilo. The chef was very creative and accommodated my vegetarian palate brilliantly. Hence, on Monday, the masterful chef Gonzalo will be teaching us about la cocina chilena, so we can serve up 'authentic' chilean food at our next dinner party.

Jan's Charquican, a chilean
national dish.

Dinner at Cafe Vinilo.

Scrumptious desert.

Now, as for the street party ... the photos and video tell it like it was. Awesome!

We fit right in here :)

Good times.

May your new year be filled with wondrous moments, plenty of love, peace and happiness. Bring on the good times!
That's it for now ... we're heading to the beach!


Happy New Year!

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  1. Dear Jan and Inga:
    Happy New Year!

    I hope you've had fun at the beach and I look forward to pictures of same.

    Jan's dinner looks very yummy. Please pay close attention and take lots of notes during your cooking class today. I for one am looking forward to the taste of Chile.

    It's hard to believe that you will be home this week. The time has flown by. Thank you so much for sharing your adventure. I've learned so much while you've been gone and I am sure I'll learn a whole lot more when you get back. I am looking forward to seeing a few more of those 6000 pictures you have accumulated.

    Here's to an uneventful travel day home.

    See you soon,