Monday, January 3, 2011

The beach ...

... is on the Pacific ocean. The waves are amazing here in Viña del Mar, twin city of Valparaiso about 1,5 hours from Santiago. Been enjoying some fine food, well, better anyways in terms of vegetarian options than during much of this voyage when not camping :)

We'll try and get some pics up in the next couple of days so you can appreciate it all for yourself.

Unbelievably, we are supposed to touch down in Ottawa in a few short days. We will spend a day in Buenos Aires on the way home, courtesy of Air Canada's policy-driven ... insanity. More on that later, too  :(

Our private Chilean cooking class was fun today. Looking forward to a tad more beach time before heading north!


  1. Hi Jan and Inga,

    I can't believe that you are coming home this week - time does fly by!

    It looks and sounds like you are both having the time of your lives.

    I am anxious to see you both and to hear all about your trip.

    See you when you get home.

    Love,Chris XOXO

  2. Thoughts of you always near,
    Trip near over, yet memories dear,
    New energy, new hope, new education,
    All such part of you... life and you, in turn, enfold each other.

    Looking forward simply, to seeing you...

    Love and welcome home from mau.