Sunday, September 26, 2010

Learning continues: Spanish and Iridium 9555

It's two weeks before we're on a plane to Lima, and the learning continues. Got my last few private Spanish lessons underway to finish up Basic level 3 and keep my brain in Spanish mode.

Been reading the Iridium 9555 manual to figure out how the phone works (pretty straightforward in terms of calls and will try out the SMS function) and what we need to do for power while off the grid (solar vs battery pack charger).

The 9555 is pretty amazing technology: Compact, handy and rugged. It looks like a slightly bulky cellphone from a few years ago. Not like the huge box it used to be in the movies (remember that scene from Under Siege?).

I  am about to go for a walk, point the antenna toward the sky and call Jan at home to try it out live.

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